Resources and Equipment

The campus has 4 libraries with a collection of more than 8,300 book and 3,700 professional journals in public health related fields.
The faculty in the department has individual research office. Other teaching resources include one audio-visual classroom with a hundred seats, 10 different sizes of laboratories for environmental & occupational health experiment; 5 classrooms, 1 research office for graduates, 2 discussion rooms for health promotion group. There are laboratories designed for environmental health, occupational health, behavioral science, and epidemiology and classrooms with audio-visual equipment and models of teaching aid. There are 384 teaching complements, 134 apparatuses and software for educational, research, and intern purposes, such as atomic absorption spectroscopy, high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, nano-particle analysis system, microbalance, and direct-reading instruments for environmental pollutants detection and workplace monitoring.